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My first try on Google TiltBrush

After borrowing the Occulus Quest headset from Prof. Mousas' lab, I've been browsing through Occulus online store almost every day. I really wanted to give Occulus Quill, a VR animating tool developed by Occulus, a try, but unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, Occulus has obliquely announced that Quill won't be on Quest, only available on Rift. Yet, Quill Theater is free and available on Quest. (I'll give a brief sharing on the Quill Theater next time.)

So, I bought Google TiltBrush, a VR painting tool developed by Google. I had seen videos about TiltBrush couple years ago, I remember the first time when I saw the demo clip, I was totally amazed by the immersive experience virtual painting can bring to artist. It's a whole new different kind of creation process comparing to digital painting on desktop devices. I'll definitely spend more time on this application in my leisure time from now on!!

Quick video of my first TiltBrush experience:

/*More To Come*/

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