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Beat Saber on Oculus Quest

The moment I get to try out Oculus Quest, I immediately searched for Beat Saber. That’s like the very first game that I’d think of when it comes to VR games. The game was launched on May 1st 2018 by a Czech Republic game company, Beat Games, and it went viral these 2 years. It’s like all other simple rhythm games that you’ll get on various platforms or even, easily to be developed, but in Virtual Reality. Having the game set in a VR environment just make the whole experience thoroughly more immersive. I also like how they designed the haptics to vibrates while stabbing on the correct or wrong beats, giving a physical feedback.

The game is fun and addictive, but I figured that I could only play up to 3 songs at most each time, otherwise, I’ll find myself getting nauseous due to motion sickness. After around 10 minutes playing Beat Saber, I felt my eyes hurt a lot and there was a lingering feeling of songs beating in my head and with my heart beats. Over all, it’s a delightful game.

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