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Ideas for Final Project IEEE VR 3DUI

  • Simulating mental illness due to Solitary confinement in Jail, known as the Special Housing Unit (SHU)

  • 23 hrs a day in a around 8ft - 10ft small unit that has no windows. 1hr in a yard surrounded with high walls for workout. Forbidden to any activities or learning sections that are provided in the prison. Meals are given through a little box.

  • Self-harm is greatly increased among inmates who are in solitary confinement. It was seven times higher among the inmates as seven percent of the jail population was confined in isolation and fifty-three percent of all acts of self-harm took place there.

  • Charles Dickens, who visited the Philadelphia Penitentiary during his travels to America, described the "slow and daily tampering with the mysteries of the brain to be immeasurably worse than any torture of the body".

  • Inmates in SHU often lose their minds and find it severely difficult to communicate with the society after the solitary confinement.

  • Prisoners refer SHU as "The Jail in the Jail."

Worst Prisoners - Pelican Bay (The SHU) Super Max Security Prison | Jail

  • Game Design: present different levels of solitary situation, for instance, after 1 day, after 1 week, after 1 month…

  • First Level: Deem, No Human contact, Dead Silence

  • XX Level: Follow up with illusion, anxiety

  • XX Level: Rage, Mixed feelings (replicate by sound effects & graphics)

  • Scene & Objects: Jail bars, Handcuffs, Fetters, toilet…

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