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Final Project - Presentation

Literature Review:

  • The decreasing costs and increasing convenience and power of digital media is creating a revolution in healthcare and new technologies are affecting the way we provide and access care. Virtual Reality (VR) can enable the assessment of cognitions, emotions and behaviour in an ecologically valid environment.

  • More than 50 studies using VR were identified, the majority of which were case studies. Seventeen employed a between groups design: 4 involved patients with fear of flying; 3 involved patients with fear of heights; 3 involved patients with social phobia/public speaking anxiety; 2 involved people with spider phobia; 2 involved patients with agoraphobia; 2 involved patients with body image disturbance and 1 involved obese patients. There are both advantages in terms of delivery and disadvantages in terms of side effects to using VR.

What We Want To Achieve:

  • Provide a sensory experience to users as to how people suffering from Bipolar Disorder perceive a situation

  • Through the use of multiple simple actions show the change in mental state that may occur when a person suffering from BD tries to get involved in fay to day tasks

  • More focussed on a storytelling aspect of the application

  • Develop it in the form of an interactive visual novel

  • Use the story to shed light that actions perceived as being “easy’ may differ for people who suffer with Bipolar Disorder


Campfire Scene

A NPC Player will be at the campfire, asking the player to go fetch some woods. Representing the normal stage of Bipolar people's mental status. Also the start point of the game.

Wood Scene

Player needs to complete the picking woods task, during wood picking, the shader of the camera changes, screens with random videos reveals, replicating the manic stage.

Cliff Scene

Player is transported to an edge of the cliff. And then drop from the cliff into the deep, dark water...simulating the situation where people suffering from Bipolar can not control going into the down and depression.

Black Room Scene

Environment is totally dark, shining doors with lights reveals, player needs to control the breath by the haptics and get close to the door to get out of the dark room.


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