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What is VR Movie? How is Disney Movies VR?

Disney Movies VR was released on May 16th, 2016. Several series including Disney films, Star Wars and Marvel are presented in the VR App. Fans and VR enthusiasts are fascinated about the idea of experiencing these great movies with the immersive technology experience.

When I first heard the name “VR Movie”, I thought it’s a way to film movies with VR implementations. Which made me really confused, since the beauty of VR is to let people interact with the content, it requires triggers, actions and participation. And the concept of “Movie” is pretty much restricted to creating story and show them through the screens regardless of the gamify elements. I then spent some time looking into Disney’s first ever Movie VR App to find the answer to this question.

Disney Movies VR is a fully immersive experience where people visit themed worlds and interact with some of the famous characters in their natural environments. It selects only a part of the movie and makes player look through the main character view, giving the immersion of being in the movie themselves. I would say this kind of production again, as all other Disney products, rely mainly on the reputation and popularity of the movies and IPs instead of the innovations of the application. Nevertheless, quality of the Movies VR are smooth and stunning, User Experience and Interaction are also well designed.

P.S. Thanks for the YouTube sharing video from Monkiedude22 and Nathie. Looking forward to try it out someday myself.

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