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Ideas for Final Project

Idea 1: Doodle in the Virtual World

  • Stress releasing game

  • A canvas is displayed in the virtual world.

  • Several painting materials like crayons, paint, mud, or even special textured water balloons are given for the user to choose and randomly paint on to the canvas.

  • 3D paintbrushes can be physical props

  • Different kind of motions can be involved. For instance, tossing the special textured water balloon on to the canvas, squeezing the pigments, stamping different images…etc.

Idea 2: Virtual Kitchen

  • Player needs to finish cooking the assigned dishes before the given time runs out.

  • Recipe will be displayed on the Canvas. Whenever a task is done, it will be crossed out on the recipe.

  • Tasks may include chopping veggies, marinating meat, turning on/off the oven, serving the dishes… etc.

  • Can be a 2 players game where 2 players need to collaborate together to serve a dish within the given time.

  • Smoke, burnt, or even fire might appear if the food are over cooked.

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