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Final Project Bipolar Simulation Script

VR Implementation Duration: 8-10 min

Scene & Plot:

Player is camping in the woods with other people, story started in day time.

Scene 1: (0-1 min)

Status: Normal

Walking into the woods, daylight shines and glitters on the ground. Friends and family chatting to each other. Mother asks the player to go fetch some firewood for starting the fire.

Scene 2: (1-4 min)

Status: Turning manic

Task: Fetching woods

While walking into the woods, sounds become more vivid, sounds of the leaves rustling, birds singing, butterflies flying, even the light seems to be much brighter than before, everything looks bright and energetic. Player runs, jumps and moves faster and faster, it’s a gradually accelerating process where the player can tell the differences. Along the path, there’re a lot of firewood that player is able to fetch.

Different effects can be added in this stage:

  1. things look more colorful, while player’s moving fast

  1. while successfully performing the task, the scene emerges into boxes and boxes, with random life flashback: smile of the daughters, family camping, childhood memories, school, friends….etc

End of the path is a cliff with a grand view of a splendid lake.

something like this:

The player stands there (not able to move anymore), having a moment of the spectacular scenery. (top point of the manic status)

Scene 3: (4-4.5 min)

Status: drop from manic to depression

The environment gradually turns dark and gloomy. Deep silence and a sense of fear strikes in. The player are not allowed to move their position in this stage. Without even moving a bit, the player sees him/herself drop from the cliff to the lake as if suddenly slides into the unknown numbness. (simulating the source video 1:35 - 1:37)

Scene 4: (4.5-6.5 min)

Status: Stuck within the depression

Task: Go to end of the aisle and enter the door

The scene turns into total darkness for a second after falling into the water. It then gradually lights up, turns into a depressing hospital scene where the lights are not functioning. Player control becomes more difficult in this stage. (e.g. movement become slower, can’t jump or run) Whenever the player wants to move toward the exit door, it’s like someone is pulling him/her backward. Sound effects including cold AC, people griefing and weeping in the hospital, clock clicking slowing...etc.

Scene 5: (6.5 - 7.5 min)

Status: From depress to normal (subtle aids → care from others)

After finally exit the door from scene 4, the player finds him/herself back to scene 2 on the cliff, facing the splendid lake, everything looks fine but the sense of depression is still not fully disappeared yet. Player can feel that it’s still difficult to control their movement.

Someone’s voice calling from the back, it’s one of the family members. “What are you doing here, let’s go back, we have the tent ready”

Scene 6: (6.5-8)

Status: back to normal

Sitting beside the campfire with the family, having food in the hand. Everything looks back to normal again.

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