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Holographic Sign Language Interpreters

We describe the implementation of a prototype system of 3D holographic sign language interpreters. The signing avatars, observed through wearable Mixed Reality (MR) smart glasses (e.g., Microsoft HoloLens), translate speech to Signed Exact English (SEE) in real-time...


Holographic sign language avatar interpreter: A user interaction study in a mixed reality classroom

We explored user interactions with a holographic sign language interpreter in mixed reality (MR) classroom for deaf and hard of hearing students...Our study explored user interaction with the MR system, intending to provide design guidelines for digital MR sign language interpreters...


Embodiment for the Difference: A VR Experience of Bipolar Disorder

The objective of this project is to simulate the symptoms of bipolar disorder through a virtual reality application. We aim to provide an experience of how people live with bipolar disorder...

Recent Projects

Holographic ASL Interpreter in Mixed Reality Classroom

2020 Ongoing Research - Purdue IdeaLab & Virtual Reality Lab

This project aims to develop a prototype of 3D holographic American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters that increase learning efficacy for deaf students. Apart from the ongoing research for ASL interpretation digitalization, we conducted qualitative usability tests to observe user interactions toward such MR application...  


Flame in the Forest - Unreal Oculus game

2021 Game Development Group Project

This is a VR game built in Unreal Engine. Oculus VR plugin and VR inputs are added to run the application through Oculus Link on a Oculus Quest device.

Team members: Syed Tanzim, Brantly McCord,  Joshua Heller's, Angel Lam, Metali Mangal.


Hand Tracking Animation Trigger in Oculus Quest

2020 Personal Research POC

I built a hand gesture identifier through Oculus plugins and perform animation control that triggers different character animation states. This is a fundamental POC for hand gesture animation creation within a VR environment...


Multi-users Virtual Interior Design Application in Oculus Quest

2019 Research POC

The goal is to build a multiplayer Virtual Reality game on Oculus Quest, powered by Photon Engine, allowing players to decorate a virtual room together in real-time...


Character Humor v.s. Learning Outcome in Pedagogical Games

2019-2020 Research POC - Purdue IdeaLab

The objective of this project is to build 2 pedagogical games through Unity, one version with game character performing humorous movement and the other performing normal movement, and test out the learning outcome of each group...

Recent Projects
Graphics Programming & Computational Photography
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