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Short Film 2015


Lily is a short 10 mins film created by me and 4 of my friends, Sabina Wong, Brain Wong, Jack Jiang, Leony Chang. We wanted to bring out the fear and mixed feelings of Autistic Disorder patients. They usually won’t share their feelings with others and tend to fall into their pessimistic thoughts. Gradually leads to challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.  And when they encounter some life issues and pressure, there’s high possibilities for them to be afraid of exposing their feelings and to get helps from others.


In the story, Lily has an eccentric personality, she’s world-weary and pessimistic, also unwilling to share feelings with others. The only thing she likes to do is play the piano. However, she gradually loses her hearing ability after entering college. She sees having hearing troubles as her secret and refuse to tell anyone.


Troubles communicating with her classmates and friends emerge. Not knowing her circumstances, people see her as a selfish geek. Additionally, she can't even focus on her only hobby since she loses her hearing ability and is not able to play piano as fluently as she used to. Yet, she doesn't ask for help from others, never tell anyone about her anxiety. Whenever she feels uncomfortable from the gossip, she escapes and enclosed herself.


This crowded city is always full of busy people, rushing their lives. There are 7 billion people on earth, we pass by many others every day. However, who really knows us by heart? Who actually listens to our words?


Life is contradictive, we feel lonely and want to be understood; however, sometimes, we push away and hurt those who care about us, only to defend ourselves. We become more and more self-enclosed, afraid of being laugh at or betrayed by those we give out our trust...


螢幕快照 2017-04-01 下午5.48.24_edited_edited
螢幕快照 2017-04-01 下午6.08.59_edited
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