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CGT 540 Current Topics in 3D Animation

Yang Fu Chia Kelly


Kelly Yang Fan

Real Name Fu Chia Yang

I believe that technology stands as an important role in Design and Art industry nowadays. The combination of artistic value and computational approaches will always bring out stunning creations.

My career goal is to be an artist, designer, and technologists working in the industry that reward the creative, the technical, and the innovative. Currently developing strong interest in Entertainment Industry especially Animation.








Made In Taiwan

Bachelor Degree at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Journalism & Communication

Specialized in rich media stream, including graphics computing & computer vision. Accomplished projects related to game, computer photography, film making, UXUI design, digital application...etc. 

IT Consultant at IBM Global Business Services Hong Kong

Worked as Frontend Developer, UX Designer, UI Designer, IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Workshop Co-Creator

  • Worked on creating prototype and frontend coding for an e-commerce mobile banking platform for Bank of East Asia.

  • Created a gamify interactive Web Application for a worldwide insurance company, Prudential, utilizing ReactJS and libraries like GreenSock.

  • Collaborated as an UX Designer and UI Designer on a mobile AR application for the largest theme park resort company, Disneyland Resort HK.  

  • Designed wireframes and early phase interfaces of an internal employee platform for an worldwide insurance company, AIA.

  • Revamped UX and UI Design for an AI virtual assistant powered by IBM Watson equipped on both web and mobile application for one of the largest local bank in Hong Kong, Heng Seng Bank.

  • Facilitated IBM Design Thinking Workshop for TSL, HK Science Park.


Master Degree at Purdue University

Major: Computer Graphics Technology

Just started the journey :)

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