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3D Tower Defense Game

Game Design 2017

This is a first person interactive strategy game. The player need to defense continuing emerging monsters by building up towers and barriers. Player has to kill all monsters emerged to move on the next level.

Waves of monsters will be spawned to attack player’s base. Player can use limited money set up defensive towers/barriers on the way. Different to a traditional tower defence game, the player do not control everything from god’s perspective. Instead, they control an avatar to explore the world. The avatar is able to set up towers/barriers at different place during preparation time, use weapons to attack monsters (and maybe able to use skills). Meanwhile, monsters will attack player too. Whenever player’s HP goes zero, the game ended and the player lose.


As the level increases, the difficulty also increases. Player has to plan to build his towers/barriers more intelligate. Otherwise, the player may not be able to kill all monsters before they reach the base and then lose. Player may also upgrade/unlock more powerful towers/barriers/weapons by rewards of finishing levels to easier his life.

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