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VR Game Experience at Dreamscape LA

This is my first ever VR game experience throughout my life. Of course, it’s the finest, since it’s the only experience I had so far. But it amazed me in every perspective and went far beyond my expectation. There are different themes provided by Dreamscape. My friends and I chose “Curse of the Lost Pearl – A Magic Projector Adventure”. Players are on a quest to find the lost pearl which is buried underground in the Temple of the Snake God. Intruders are not welcome and the temple will do anything it can to protect the pearl. Before we entered the VR room, we’re asked to set up our characters at the counter. We can choose gender, skin color and outfit, this adds a realistic element to the game.


(click to see their trailer)

Put on the VR headset and sensors, game started! I remembered the first scene started where all players are asked to stand on virtual footprints and triggered the entrance to the underground Temple. And it then surprised me that I wasn’t only in a VR dark room, I was also on a mechanic board that creates vibrations, shakiness and sometimes weightless-like 4D movements. Throughout the game, we’ll need to figure out how to trigger the locked walls or doors by the provided props and get into the secret room where the lost pearl is hidden. Solid objects were given to us (perhaps by the workers beside us) so that we feel like we’re actually holding something. For instance, the fire torch and the pearl.

I’ll say it’s definitely a great VR game experience. The graphics are well rendered, combining with sounds, lighting, and 4D movements, it's just way more immersive than expected. Not only the technical side is worth mentioning, the storytelling and gameplay also makes the experience remarkable.

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